About Us

 The Community of Practice (COP) is developed with support from Metlife Foundation under i3 program implemented by UNCDF. The financial health community of practice is managed by i3-Access under Access Development Services and in partnership with LEAD at Krea University and KPMG. Its key objective is to foster a shared vision of financial health by facilitating actionable and meaningful exchange of knowledge among diverse institutions. Through this initiative, we aim to cultivate an environment conducive to the exchange of valuable insights and promote data-driven actions among a diverse array of institutions.

The platform offers an engaging space for institutions, professionals and individuals around the world to connect towards establishing partnerships, bringing insights from researchers and therefore, enhancing the vision of attaining financial health in a global landscape.

With intensive research and extraordinary collaborations, the Community of Practice (COP) works towards contributing to a common and stronger vision and agenda. The team is working towards organising and collating the knowledge, evidence and accumulating research which is presented through various tools like the Knowledge Hub, Financial Health Dashboard. These tools are further complemented by a Discussion Forum that ensures regular conversation, dialogue amongst professionals, stakeholders and other individuals for a stronger Financially Healthy World.


Our Approach

The Community of Practice is a chief representation on the agenda of financial health. The platform works closely with financial institutions, development institutions, and potential policymakers to develop a fair understanding of the agenda.

Financial health is a comprehensive and inclusive approach, making it an effective tool to tackle the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs). It is an enabler of eight of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - with Poverty Reduction (SDG 1) working as a key SDG. This is one of the key attributes that motivates the public and private sector towards financing for financial inclusion interventions globally.