The definition of Financial Health, its measurement approaches and constituent elements are complex in nature and highly context-driven. This has led to our on-ground experience of working with Low and Moderate Income individuals (LMI) and communities to achieve financial health outcomes. In our journey towards financial health targets, we continue to accumulate a wide variety of research, knowledge and information from around the world towards strengthening the financial lives of people.

As we put together the Research and Insight board that is evolving with time and experience, our aspiration to disseminate information has grown wider. The Board works with an intention to design, test, and refine solutions making the lives of LMI people financially secure, resilient, and filled with confidence.

How to Use It

The board includes reviews of interventions through the institutional and policy lens along with a sub-division of financial health components i.e. security, resilience, control and freedom. The readers can enhance their perspective by using the filters of the nature of interventions, regions, and the time of publication. The themes are also categorised by the contextual curiosity of the readers who want to understand the definitions, measurement applications or concepts related to financial health.

Using the board effectively

Familiarise yourself with the Board: We would encourage the user to take some time to explore the interface and understand its different features. Each Board is customised to the specific theme and the financial health domains most relevant to it.

Explore the thematic categories: The Board is populated based on existing evidence at the cross-section of various interventions and financial health outcomes. It would be useful to look at the definitions of the different interventions and outcomes to understand the structure of the map as well as breadth and depth of the evidence available.

Use filters and search options: To enhance your understanding, the platform provides filters that allow you to explore interventions based on their nature, regions of implementation, and publication time frame.

Interpret the findings: As you navigate through the Board, pay attention to the key findings, trends, and research gaps that emerge. Consider the quality of the studies included and the strength of the evidence to form a well-rounded understanding of the topic.

Stay updated: The Research and Insights Board is a dynamic tool and is currently not exhaustive in nature. The Board is updated regularly to include existing and new evidence. We would encourage you to revisit the Research and Insights board periodically to stay up to date and access the latest research findings.

1: Definitions, Measurement and Related Concepts

Identifying and describing each indicator towards examining Financial Health as a concept.


2: Financial Service Providers

Analyzing Financial products and services for different segments worldwide


3: Elderly

Directing towards providing access to relevant financial products and services as key sources to empower older adults to make them financially secure.


4: Gig Workers

Evaluating appropriate interventions for the financial health of gig workers to help them mitigate financial uncertainties to attain better outcomes.


5: Migrants and Refugees

Recognizing and addressing the specific needs of labour migrants and refugees that are essential to ensure long-term benefits of financial inclusion.


6: Women

Assessing gaps to attain financial health for women and therefore, ensuring stronger economies across geographies.