Dashboard on Financial Health

Data accumulation is the foundational element for identifying barriers that restrict people from growing as financially healthy individuals. Through research, we explore and evaluate pathways approaches to unlock people’s potential for a more financially resilient life.

Empirical evidence on financial health linkages with its drivers and outcomes must be generated to ensure that it becomes a strategic, policy, and regulatory tool for achieving key SDGs.

The current dashboard has been designed to draw the connections among various elements of financial health including its drivers, outputs and goals. The dashboard presents a story of how different markets in the world are currently faring on the different indicators and why they should look at objectively shifting their focus on financial health outcomes.

The Financial Health Data dashboard is developed based on existing data points across segments and serves the following three key objectives:

As the data on financial health and its various components are gathered across the globe with the mainstreaming of this agenda, the secretariat would continue working to further create a more nuanced version of this story. The aim is that these data points can create the need, help identify gaps and provide a single-stop reference for monitoring global progress on financial health and making cross-country comparisons to identify areas of focus and track progress.

To access the Financial Health Dashboard Click here